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Posture Analysis

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Posture AnalysisAlso known as Posturology and used in Neurosomatic Therapy and other type services. Posturology is significant in massage therapy for assessing postural distortions which cause pain and many other issues throughout the body. Practiced and used by leading massage educators early in the 20th century it has been fine toned to what it is today. Fallen arches, leg length inequality differences, and irregularities of the pelvic bones are the major contributor to dysfunction. Dysfunction in the body can be felt as low back pain. hip pain, glute pain, mid back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, TMJ andheadaches.

Posture Analysis Assessment

posture analysisAt Pain To Performance Solutions this is one of the assessment tools used determine the source of your pain and discomfort. Through detailed charting of the bony landmarks, we can quickly see which muscles are contributing factors and whether it is possibly structural, muscular, visceral, cranial or a combination of all four.