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Neuro Frequency Therapy

Pain & Inflammation | Nervous SystemNeuro Frequency Therapy is an innovative protocol for treating pain from invisible inflammation by normalizing your own bodies frequency to what it should be. Pain can be debilitating and if you are feeling it, it has already been there for 10 years plus and your body is suffering from depleted frequency. Pain does not only effect your muscles and fascia but so much more of your bodies system’s which run on different frequency and since muscles and fascia are on the bottom of the hierarchy, it absolutely can leave you confused for why you feel so horrible.

The hierarchy for pain from inflammation starts at your emotional system and then works it’s way down from the lymphatic, gut, nervous system,  vascular, organs, endocrine and last but not least muscles and fascia. We address all these systems with ANF.

With a thorough assessment of your nervous system, lymphatics, muscles and joints we can quickly select the most appropriate frequency discs to use to bring you relief with in 5-20 minutes. With the numerous ANF Disc’s that we have in supply we can quickly start you on the right healing process. If your open and receptive to this state of the arts therapy 95% feel relief with in 5-20 minutes.

 This Is For You If you Have: Pain, back pain, sciatica, stomach/intestinal issues, inflammation, migraine/headache, muscle/joint problems, hypersensitivity,  stiff neck, unexplained pain, skin problem

Highly Effective For: Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Tendinitis, Strains, Soft Tissue Injuries, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Lumbar Pain, Herniated Disc, Fascia Injuries, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitus, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Stress, Thyroid Issues, Lymphatic Issues, Nervous System Disorders, Immune Disorders, Allergies, Blood Pressure issues, ADD, ADHD, Insomnia, Hormonal Issues and it has also been known to help with Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s.

At the Massage & Bodywork clinic we use in addition during your assessment, Infrared technology so we can see exactly were your inflammation is hiding.  We can after applying the disc’s show you how the inflammation starts to move out of your body through your lymphatics. Disc’s stay on for a minimum of 72 hours and client will return for follow up the following week for new discs and for them to be adjusted.


Frequency, DNA And The Human Body


Neuro Frequency Therapy Relief for Invisible Inflammation

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