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LNI Injured Workers On The Job

LNI Injured workers, have you been injured on the job? In pain? Limited Range of Motion? Muscle stiffness and tightness? Missing work due to injuries? Can’t sleep? Stressed out? Injured workers, your massage therapy treatments are covered by your employer through the Department of Labor and Industries.

Injured workers; with a visit to an LNI Doctor and a prescription written with your diagnosis on it, you are eligible for six (6) initial massage therapy visits with out prior authorization.

Injured workers; after your 6 are used, we will have to request prior another 6 which are allowed by:

  • Document your improvement
  • Document the continued referral from the attending physician
  • Obtain authorization

Procedure to be seen for LNI Injured Worker

  1. Be seen by an approved LNI Dr.
  2. Receive from that Dr a prescription with a diagnosis code on it, how long of a massage allowed per day (60 minutes), how many times per week (1-3).
  3. Use the online scheduling to book you appointment or call or Text us. We will need the prescription prior to your visit. Fax, e-mail or text us the Rx.
  4. Fill out the online health history form prior to your visit so we can review it with ample time.

Website with links to publications with scientific research on massage therapy.

University article on research being done in massage therapy.

Prescription Form For Treatment

If you are needing a prescription for services that will either be billed to Health Insurance, Personal Injury Protection or Labor and Industry, here is a form to bring or email to your Doctor. They may require you to go in for an appointment for the Rx but some if you have been in recently will provide over the phone. The Rx can then be e-mailed or faxed back to our office.

Many Health Insurances will claim you can self refer but due to the fact that Massage Therapists can not diagnose, an Rx is needed. We must be sure it is medically necessary so that the insurance will not come back and deny payment which would cause you out of pocket expenses to us.

Benefits for massage therapy covered by health insurance is for rehabilitation massage only and not for maintenance massage. Maintenance massage is not covered by any health insurance as it is not medically necessary.

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