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IASTM-Fascia Blasting 

IASTM-Fascia Blasting Therapy

fascia blaster 2Fascia health is significant in the health and wellness arena for movement. From pain management, rehabilitation-injury recovery and sports performance the state of your fascia matters. In addition; per some researchers and Dr’s. the health and state of your fascia can significantly impact the look of the outer surface of your body. Some believe that unhealthy fascia not only creates adhesion’s and restrictions throughout, but can also create ugly cellulite and the holding on of hormones stored in the body fat, that limits our weight loss success.

Come in and get IASTM – fascia blasted and learn the technique at the Massage & Bodywork clinic from an expert. We have a state of the art clinical table that allows us to bend you to get you into a stretched or compressed position if needed. We also have a top of the line Far Infrared Mat with PEMF which provides numerous therapeutic benefits mentally, emotionally and physically. From experience, we use the safest way to heat you up, the FIR Mat which is extremely comfortable to stay on for the length of your treatment. Your safety and not getting burnt from heating pads is very important to us and why we invested in the top of the line infrared mat.  We no longer use medical grade heating pads for IASTM and Fascia Blasting as they are unpredictable and can cause serious burns if left in place to long.  Safety 1st!!!!

IASTM and Fascia Blasting Therapy decreases adhesion’s in the fascia. There are layers of  tissue from bone to skin. When those layers are stock together, nothing moves well, lymph is stagnate, blood is less likely to circulate well at the area and oxygen will be less present. The result of IASTM and Fascia Blasting is improved ROM, decreased muscle pain, soreness, smoother skin, reduction in the appearance of cellulite and much more. It has been known just like a keto diet to help release hormones from adipose tissue for increased fat loss and improved cellulite appearance through the freeing of the layers to move independently of each-other.

Rocktape IASTM blades

Note: In order to get the greatest area for IASTM and or fascia blasting a two piece bathing suit is required or something to wear to cover you during the session. The will be some movement to get at areas or you maybe asked to stand. Being dressed appropriately is important.

  • Improves the Releases Adhesion’s and Scar Tissue
  • Improves ROM, flexibility and mobility
  • Increases Activation of  Inhibited Muscles and Improves the Release Facilitated Muscles
  • Helps to Decreases Muscle Pain and Soreness
  • Improves the Release  of Hormones Stored in Adipose Tissue (FAT)
  • Improves the appearance of Cellulite through the Fascia by releasing the layers from bone to skin in order to move indepently
  • Helps to Decreased The Appearance of Crepe Skin
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks and scars
  • May Help to Improves skin tightness


Alexis has been known depending on client and health history to use RockTape IASTM Blades, Gua Sha, Cupping Therapy and the Fascia Blaster for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. Read up more on fascia blasting, fascia, Ashley Black Guru and order your own personal Fascia Blaster.

Note: The Fascia Blaster is a new tool only being used for the last 3-4 years and at times has been in a development and research phase. There are no guaranteed results, all proof of positive results with the Fascia Blaster, Rock Blades and all IASTM is anecdotal. Every client is different,  some get some bruising from the treatment and others get none. The intent is NOT to bruise because bruising creates inflammation and our goal is to decrease inflammation with in your body. Some see results quickly and others it takes weeks to months to years. In order for it to work one must be consistent with it.

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