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Ashi Thai Massage

Ashi-Thai Massage in Bellevue WA at Spa Alexis Massage

Ashi Thai Stretch Therapy

Ashi Thai Massage  is similar to traditional Thai massage only better because you are on the table and not the floor so it’s much more comfortable . Ashi-Thai Massage also is a deeper massage because the entire body weight is used for the static compression strokes when applicable. The practitioner will provide deep, relaxing stretches and maneuver you joints in all different directions. Throughout the session to facilitate the release of spasms, muscle contractions, restrictions, adhesion’s, fascia tightness, limited range of motion and tension, deep compression is applied to the muscle tissue while always working within your perfect pressure and range of motion. Imagine taking a nap while your body subconsciously takes a yoga class on its own, this is Ashi Thai Massage. You are going to love it!

 Ashi Thai Benefits 

  • Release of spasms

  • Release of muscle contractions

  • Improves restrictions

  • Breaks up adhesion’s

  • Softens fascia tightness

  • Improves limited range of motion

  • Decreases tension

Ashi Thai Articles

This article here includes information on Ashi-Thai Massage.

Another article by the inventor of Ashi-Thai Massage Ruthi Hardee.

Note: You do not disrobe for this massage. Please wear gym or yoga clothing. A bathing suit will even work. You will be stretched in all different directions, so if modesty is an issue, please bring appropriate clothing since draping is not used.

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